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KY CCDW License Requirements


For Class You Will Need The Following:

• Your handgun and owners manual and ammunition 

• Handgun must be unloaded and must be in a holster , carrying case, or the original box (Cylinder Open or Slide Locked to Rear).

If you don't have a handgun please contact me before registration via email or telephone. I will need a minimum of 3 days to get your handgun in for you to use during the Range portion of the Class.

• Factory ammunition. (50 rounds)

• No Reloaded Ammunition, No Tracer Ammo, No Incendiary Ammo, and No Magnum rounds (Brass or Aluminum Casing only no Steel)

• Ammunition MUST NOT be brought into the classroom (Please place in designated spot when you arrive).

• Eye protection

• Ear protection

• Cleaning kit with appropriate size cleaning brush for your firearm. Solvent, Oil or Lube. 

• Identification (State issued)

• Proper clothing and footwear for the range.

• Bring your lunch

Here is the Licensing Process:

• Applicant arranges to enroll in one-day training class conducted by Certified Instructor.

• Within five working days after completing the course, the Certified Instructor forwards information regarding the applicant’s pass or fail training status to DOCJT in Richmond.

• Within 15 days of receiving information from the Certified Instructor, the DOCJT will, if the applicant successfully completed the training, issue a Certificate of Training. If the applicant fails the training, the DOCJT will notify the applicant they will not be certified

• Applicant submits Certificate of Training, application material, and $60 fee to sheriff’s office in county in which applicant resides.

• Within 5 working days, the sheriff transmits the application and accompanying materials to the Kentucky State Police (KSP).

• KSP will conduct background check and issue or deny license to applicant within 90 days.

• KSP mails “Flash Pak” to Applicant notifying Applicant to pick up license at sheriff’s office. Applicant becomes licensee and may carry weapon concealed. License must be renewed five years from date of issue

• Special Notice Applicants who are peace officers currently certified by KLEC, or a retired peace officer who is a member of KERS, SPRS, CERS, or other retirement system operated by a city, county or urban-county in KY, do not have to meet the training requirement or pay license fees. HOWEVER, if you do not go thru the Regular CDW Permit process, you will be issued a GREEN CDW and will have to undergo a NICS Background Check each and every time you purchase a firearm or component.

A person is not eligible to get a license if that person:

• Is ineligible to possess a firearm under KRS 527.040 (Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon).

• Is ineligible to possess a firearm under federal law (18 U.S.C. sec 922(g) or (n)), which applies to any person who: (1) is under indictment for or has been convicted of any felony; (2) is a fugitive from justice; (3) is an unlawful user of or is addicted to controlled substances; (4) has been judged by a court to be mentally defective or has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution; (5) is an illegal alien; (6) has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions; (7) has renounced United States citizenship; (8) is currently subject to a domestic violence protective order; or (9) has been convicted by any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. For this law to apply, the possession must be in, or affecting, interstate or foreign commerce. Most firearm possession situations meet this requirement.

Within the preceding three years:

• Has been committed for abuse of controlled substances or has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving controlled substances

• Has two or more convictions for motor vehicle DUI or has been committed for alcoholism

• Has been convicted of the misdemeanor of Assault in the Fourth Degree or Terroristic Threatening

• After a license has been issued, if any of the above takes place, the license will be suspended or revoked.

Current/Retired Military

Current/Retired Military wanting to obtain a CCDW License in KY can by pass the CCDW Class by 

presenting an application and one of the following forms: 

• Dept. Of Defense Form DD 2586 or DD 214               

• Coast Guard Form: CG 3029

• Dept. of the Army Form DA 88-R  or DA 5704-R         

• Dept. of Navy Form OPNAV 3591-1

• Dept. of Air Force AF 522

*Documentary evidence of an Honorable Discharge  and a notarized affidavit on a form provided by the Dept. of Kentucky State Police.

*Application may be obtained at the Sheriff's Office.


The information on this website is provided solely for your convenience and is not intended to constitute a formal legal opinion or legal advice.

By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read the above disclaimer.

The members of KY CCDW are Certified Instructors by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training only. KY CCDW is not endorsed or affiliated with the Commonwealth of Kentucky in any other way and any representations made herein are those solely of KY CCDW and its members.

Course Syllabus-All related KY training materials


Minimum of 6 Hrs. of Classroom Training

o Introduction 

o Kentucky Law on Concealed Carry

o The Use and Misuse of Deadly Force

o Legal Liability When Using a Firearm                                                          

o Safety at Home, in the Classroom and on the Range            

o Holsters, Concealment, Safe Storage and Transport of Firearms

o What to Do When Stopped by Law Enforcement

o Basic Principles of Marksmanship (Stance, Grip, Common Mistakes, etc.)

o Revolver & Semi Auto: Dis-assemble, Cleaning, Parts, Re-assemble

o Exam: 25 Question True/False and Multiple Choice (Passing Score >70%)

o Exam: Field Strip (basic dis-assembly) and Cleaning (Pass/Fail)

Up to 2 Hrs. of Range Time

o Exam: 20 rounds fired at life-size silhouette at 21 feet, not timed 

            (Passing Score 55%)

*Retired/Current - MILITARY please see requirements (In Section Above)

Where to Go for Classes

I have received information from the: 

Louisville Armory

4402 Kiln Court

Louisville, KY 40218

This used to be the Bluegrass Indoor Range.

I receive nothing for referring you to my competitor, except the satisfaction that you my potential customer can get your class when you need it without having to wait.

Process to signup for CCDW Classes

To signup and pay for a class at the Louisville Armory:

Go on the internet and type in: Eventbrite

then Louisville Armory

then on top left of site, in search type Saturday KY CCDW

select Saturday KY CCDW

Select a class which is every Saturday 

you can pay online as you register for the class

Cost is $75.00

I receive nothing for referring you to my competitor, except the satisfaction that you my potential customer can get your class when you need it without having to wait.

Other CCDW Classes

I was told that there were others out there, but, no one ever contacted me to give me any instructions on their classes.

While I am a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor with the credentials to teach the class myself, I do not have time presently to do so, but until then, all the people that have been asking me about a class, Here is your information.

See Me Before or After Class to get your Concealed Carry Weapon

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"PCA 3-211-18 – RFP Safety Equipment & Related Items for Police and First Responders"

"PCA 3-211-18 – Safety Equipment & Related Items for Police and First Responders"


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